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Australia is a nation built on farming.

With close to 130,000 farms covering over 60% of the country, farming and agriculture is a diverse and booming industry with a very exciting future.

While the land may provide the produce, it’s the farmers that continue to make Agriculture one of the cornerstones of our economy.

Continuing to attract great people into the industry is the key to ensuring a bright future for Australian Agriculture, and this is what inspired the development of the People in Agriculture.

Developed by key members from across the Ag sector, People in Agriculture is an exciting initiative that provides all the latest information about working in the industry.

The easy to use website features information on employment law, news, career management and professional practice. It is a free resource built for all employees and employers within the Agricultural industry.

And, because the People in Agriculture site is mobile friendly it means that all this information can be accessed wherever and whenever you need it.

If you are one of Australia’s 320,000 farmers, then People in Agriculture is an initiative designed to help you.