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Latest Agricultural News Australia

The first set of hemp crops grown since the changes in legislation late last year are at the point of being ready to harvest. The law came into effect on the 12th of November and allowed hemp to be consumed by humans legally in Australia. There has since been an increased interest in the products at either end of the supply chain.
The Game of Drones is a competition run by Hermitage Schools Plant Science. With entry open until the 29th of June, this contest provides an excellent opportunity for young science minds to shape the future of the agriculture industry. The tournament will be engaging while making agricultural science a lot more fun for young minds.
There is a huge disparity when it comes to gender in the field of farming based on results of a study done by Leonnie Blumson from the University of South Australia. The research shows that a mere 10% of farm successors are daughters of farm owners. Sons get the farm worth sometimes millions of dollars and girls get any leftover assets when the parents die.
Christie Stewart wants to make a difference in the agricultural industry thanks to her childhood growing up on a farm. She holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and plans to use her expertise to tackle some farming problems that farmers face.
On Saturday the 20th of January the first event for 2018 hosted by AGCONNECTWA was it's yearly cocktail party. The focus of the night was to increase social opportunities for the younger population of the agricultural industry.
The Student Edge organisation presented results from research collected from four focus groups. They gathered data from students in Western Australia; grades 10 to 12 and students in their first year of university, as well as a survey of 500 students from grades 9 to 12. The results showed that most students think of agriculture as a lonely and remote job with few options for career progression.
“I thought I’d have a few months up here as a break. Then Black Saturday came through and I haven’t gone back yet – that was 10 years ago nearly.”
First-year students of agriculture-related degrees and senior students studying financial services for use in the ag sector are encouraged to submit their application for the 2018 AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship. Applications close at 2 pm on Friday, February 23, 2018. The online application form and terms and conditions can be found at agrifutures.com.au/horizon
The Young Farmer Business Boot Camp is now open for registration to young farmers from across the Wimmera area.
The freedom of farm life led to a love of agriculture for 19 yo Matthew Hyde. Growing up on his family property of 13,000 acres in Dalwallinu Matthew grew to appreciate the different opportunities that were not available in the city where Matthew attended high school.
The first ever universal cross-sector collaboration of all 15 rural research and development corporations (RDCs) has delivered some very promising results.
For Georgia Osborne, like many inner-city kids, Agriculture was never on the radar as a study option after high school. The 20-year-old had her sights on something in the humanities. An all-round student she applied for a Bachelor of Arts/Science but put Bachelor of Ag as a second preference at her Mums prompting “my Dad had studied it at the University of Sydney and really enjoyed it,” she said.
SproutX; Australia’s premier tech incubator and co-working hub focussed on AgTech start-ups has announced it’s first round of launches. The startups include several innovative “Internet-of-Things” (IoT) applications for Agriculture.
Dr James Hunt is the co-ordinator of the Bachelor of Ag Sciences at Latrobe University sees big challenges ahead in the area of food security. This is compounded by the lack of new blood coming into the area of research science.
On the 30th of November 2017, a new service was officially launched to help workers to transition into employment in the agriculture industry in Lockyer Valley. The new facility FarmReady will help those seeking a job at every stage of the employment process. They have help from the time they leave their homes to the time they have completed their roles in the region.
Mr Rockliff thanked Blundstone for their offering $60,000 to go toward the 2018 scholarships to which the government is matching dollar to dollar for a total of $120,000. Blundstone is happy to be funding the scholarships as it provides them with a way to give back to the local community in their home state of Tasmania.
The internet has been taken by storm by a small Lego farmer who has managed to garner a following of over 13,000 on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
On the 23rd of November 2017, a forum to discuss Smart Farm Grants funding was held at the Katanning Leisure Centre. Member of O'Connor Rick Wilson organised the conference. The panel aimed to address the offering of some grants for the agriculture industry on the whole.
The most recent announcement of a partnership with Monash University has been welcomed as a collaboration that brings with it a unique facility. Both Bosch and the Monash University will partner to establish a space that will have as its focus the use of innovation and technology in agriculture.
The sheep and wool industry is no longer one that is being pioneered by older folk. The younger generation is now highly interested and passionate about the industry as well. Young people now want to make a difference in this industry, and they are being encouraged to apply for the 2018 Peter Westblade Scholarship.
The amount of agriculture data that is being collected has seen a significant increase of late, but there is still the challenge of adopting technology on farms.
Get ready for and be up to date with all the official public holidays in your state this Christmas and into New Year 2018
By necessity and nature, rural Australians are innovators having always had to create solutions quietly while working with constraints with resources as well as with their geographic isolation
You might for a moment imagine a sci-fi future of Agriculture, one that isn’t just lab-grown food. A future where autonomous vehicles buzz to life as you switch them on from your laptop km’s away from the paddock. Harvesters start to work in a field of corn, all the time communicating wirelessly with a self-driving grain cart that works its way between the combine and a waiting semi truck.
New technology has heralded the recent addition of newborn calves into the James Sheahan Catholic High School's agricultural program.
A love of agriculture has led 6th generation farmer Toby Field to uncover a new passion for Flying Drones. Toby saved money for is first drone raising and selling lambs and bagging manure. After a lot of research and saving he was able to purchase a DJI Phantom 4.
Seaweed just may be the future of Australian agriculture. At the AgriFutures Stakeholder Forum held in Wagga in October Seaweed was the star of the show. Along with seaweed, we could see goats milk as well as some native botanicals driving the booming agriculture industry.
You know that saying; “the apple doesn't fall far from the tree”? Well, that is very true when it comes to the Goomalling farm. Murray Siegert and three of his sons have decided to work together for the next couple years on their 6000-acre block of land in Goomalling.
There was a nation-wide call-out for individuals who are driven by a passion for strengthening their communities. In response, sixteen individuals have been announced as Heywire’s 2018 young regional trailblazers.
Vanessa Bell is a former fashion model who is exploring a new wave of potential for on-farm businesses in Australia. She is taking value-added products directly into the online world.
The idea of combining technology with agriculture by delivering on-farm experiences to students through virtual reality (VR) caught the attention of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA(RAS). To showcase Farm VR, Tim Gentle demonstrated his virtual reality experience at the recent IGA Perth Royal Show. His primary objective is to teach children and young people about the wonders of farming through Farm VR.
This year, a Barossa Valley goat meat visionary and an aspiring agricultural sciences teacher from Mount Pleasant have been recognised as future leaders in agriculture.
Gumlu, Queensland is a region in Australia that boasts the most extended growing season for horticulture. The 750ha Rocky Ponds Produce property owned by Des and Paula Chapman can produce a million cartons a year in capsicum, melon and pumpkin varieties.
Mark Julien made the move to ban quad bikes from Landcorp’s New Zealand Dairy Farms two years ago as a safety measure. He described the move to axe quads from it’s 57 Dairy Farms in 2015 as a success.
At only 20 years of age, Tiffany Davey has already established a noteworthy career in the Agriculture Industry. An author and advocate for mental health she also assists in coordinating the Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days.
Tanya Dupagne has been named the 2017 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National winner and South Australia’s Simone Kain, the national runner up.It was announced in Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday night.
Andrew ward, co-founder of Ethical Fields said that “Cooperatives are the original social enterprise, but forming them is hard work”. With that in mind, he launched the initiative to create a new model to address the issue of many farming groups being indebted to big chemical companies and supermarket chains.
Elise Wilson being granted her highly desired scholarship helped her pave the way to a her new career path. Wilson was raised on a farm around the Coleambally region and was awarded last year the Jan Cathcart scholarship (from SunRice).
Over 20 years of tough efforts and research and rural progress were recognized in Dalwallinu in August with the participation of over 110 members who joined others to honor the Liebe’s Group 20th anniversary.
Become a part of the University of Melbourne’s  Dookie campus and experience the most current research and education in animal and plant cultivation and agriculture business studies.
Farming Together – is a great resource for primary producers to help value-add, build marketplace strength and boost returns.
Founder and Managing Director of the Chia Co John Foss relates the excitement around his switch from growing wheat to launching his own worldwide superfood venture twenty years ago.
Valuable ideas often stem from the younger generation who work and study in the sector, which is why the Innovation Awards are so important for progress in the sector.
For a world that will see a population increase of 24%, to an estimated 9.8 billion people by 2050, the most important resource is land that can support agriculture.
Running in Brisbane from the 22-24th September, the annual Women in Agriculture conference AWiA, will explore sustainability in the lives of Women working on farms and in rural industries across the country.
The National Farmer Federation have released a new guide aimed at helping the 40,000 working holiday makers each year that come to Australia and find work in the Agriculture industry.
Safework SA has recently launched a fresh 2-year initiative to upgrade the health and safety conditions in the working Agricultural field. This new action plan has been built after consultation with agriculture businesses and focuses on decreasing the number of accidents on farms and agricultural spaces all over South Australia.
Mr Janabi abandoned his home in Babylon in 1999 in the midst of civil hostility. Following working many jobs including as a fruit packer around the Mildura and Shepparton region, Mr Janabi managed to purchased his first farm at Kooroongarra next to Millmerran in 2016.
Regional agricultural sector advocates like Allan Mahoney and others are pushing for the Federal Administration to relocate the office of the Fair Work Ombudsman to Bundaberg.
Lachy Johnson, a 19-year-old apprentice mechanic from Bordertown, has been named South Australia’s Young Rural Ambassador for 2017.
Based on the Agricultural Census data published every twenty years, changing local weather conditions have had a measurable impact on crop and livestock production numbers for the year of 2015-16.
Business and agriculture teams for the first time engage themselves in a progressive dialogue for free trade agreement with Latin America nations, forecasting a large windfall for farmers and exporters alike.
A record number of 12,000 people have honored Winter Harvest Festival with their presence and joined the celebrations for Scenic Rim’s premium farm produce.
Agriculture employs less than three percent of Australia’s total workforce, but accounts for 23 percent of all workplace fatalities.
Business case studies from agricultural innovators, plus climate adaptation, trade agreements, water security and increased productivity through digital technology will be discussed at a free conference in regional Victoria, Australia on 26 July.
The young farmers in the New South Wales region will now be able to participate in workshops to help prepare them for bank and business aspects, after getting $6M in grants for 4 years through the Young Farmer Business Project.
Aussie farmers have achieved a new record as reported by Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource economics and sciences (ABARES)
There are many examples that demonstrate that hard work can result in great things. Leeton's Madison Coelli is one such example of what dedication can lead to.
New Pay rates apply from the first pay period on or after 1 July. For example, if your pay week is from Monday to Sunday, the new rates take effect from Monday 3 July.
Nicole Ong has started the Food Value Chain Innovators: Emerging Leaders Program as part of a 2 year scholarship sponsored by Dairy Australia (DA) and MLA Donor Company.
A change in the agricultural teaching curriculum opens the road to a new era of skills training. The new approach will enable the sector to expand education to include a broad range of innovation and leadership skills.
Women in regional areas will be given the chance to join an innovative program targeted at providing solutions to agricultural challenges. The program is called “Riverina Collective’s Think Big Rural Women program” and focuses in cultivating community leadership expansion in females who reside in small rural communities across the Riverina area.
Among the recent Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project visitations was the visit to Shepparton High School a few weeks ago, with the aim to promote agricultural and environmental careers to both teachers and students. Carla Miles, project supervisor, expresses her hope to sow the seed on 7 and 8 year level students concerning the exciting prospects of the Agriculture field and the developing career choices.
Coming from from the little village of Mount George in Manning Valley Dwayne Schubert explains how his career has jump-started...
Everybody considers or quotes tourism, energy, IT, and healthcare as the developing sectors of the future. However, for many experts, Agriculture should also be a part of this list.
Jessica Zieltjes, Red Bend graduate can’t wait to embrace a future in the agriculture field.
Garry Pittman with the help of Kerri Capill, manages to hurdle his subpar literacy skills to be accepted in a wool classer course.
Students were recently given the chance to examine the agricultural future on the Food and Fibre Careers Day at University of Melbourne Dookie College campus for two consecutive days Thursday and Friday.
UTA student Ashlea Schott has managed to win the annual Agricultural Institute of Australia award for students, presented in Western Australia.
Based in Bowen Qld, Stackelroth Farm is an almost all-female operation managed and operated by same-sex couple Michelle O'Regan and Belinda Williams.
24 year old Jess Andony from Harvey WA was awarded with a Western Australian Young Achiever Award on Friday. She was recognised for her contribution to the Dairy Industry in the area of research and development at a gala ceremony in Perth.
The Agricultural Start-up sector has no shortage of willing investors, just a shortage of investment friendly opportunities, according to ​Sam Trethewey the General Manager of SproutX and Agri Innovation manager at Findex.
Dr Stephen Ives, University of Tasmania research fellow was one of many researchers sharing insights around the impact of sharing Australia's agricultural knowledge in developing countries. ​
The Andrews Labor Government has announced an upgrade to the broadband, mobile coverage and Wi-Fi hubs across Victoria. ​ ​This comes as a direct response to the nine Regional Partnerships unanimously calling for improvements to digital infrastructure. As a result the 2017/18 budget includes $45 million for the Connecting Regional Communities Program (CRCP).
The future of agriculture is looking exciting to young farming professionals like Sophie Forrester. She moved back to to the family property in Qualeup WA after graduating and undertook a business apprenticeship while working part time on the farm. Initially she has no intention of making a career on the land but realised that her heart was in it and so enrolled in a Diploma of Agriculture via Charles Sturt University. Sophie has been working on the farm, Glenkeith, full-time for two-and-a-half years now.
​The highlights from the budget this year for farmers sees major spending on an inland rail and an increase in funding for the National Landcare Program. ​ Key points: - $8.4 billion for inland freight rail between Melbourne and Brisbane - $1 billion in Landcare funding over five years - New food safety requirements for importers, and new powers to hold product at the border - Farm Household Allowance remains capped at 3 years, but maxed out farmers can apply for loans - Live export industry gets $8.3 million to develop new welfare assurance program
Improved training opportunities via the campuses at Geralton and Bunbury will deliver agricultural qualification AUR30416 – Certificate III in agricultural mechanical technology. ​ ​The course will consist of 24 core and 12 elective units and will familiarise students with the maintenance and operation of a wide variety of agricultural machinery in the automotive retail, service and repair industry. ​​​
James Anderson is a typical example of what the future of Australian Agricultural leadership looks like. The 22-year-old from Ocean Grove in Victoria is tech-savvy, innovative and hard working and has his eyes set on a career in corporate farm management.
Doubling Australian agriculture production by 2050 then the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to agriculture becomes about a quarter of all emissions – about 28% ​If the energy sector’s emissions are halved to 30% and agriculture production is doubled, suddenly agriculture’s share of greenhouse gas emissions has jumped to half.
The 2017 winners of the Peter Westblade Scholarship have been announced. The was Scholarship is set up to champion practical skills needed in the sheep and wool industry and helps to provide hands-on experience to young people aiming for careers in the sector.
The federal government is making good on an election promise to provide a $5 million Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund to support professional development in the sector. Applications are open until May 17th. ​
According to ANZ's - Funding our Future report on Agribusiness in Australia an additional $109 Billion in additional investment is needed by 2025 to retain the current level of export share.
Founded in 2014 Australian startup The Yield uses sensors to feed a database with information relevant to any number of agricultural and aquaculture processes. The data is then visualised in custom apps for farmers and growers to make informed choices based on relevant conditions in their environment.
The Australian productivity commission has produced a a wide range of recommendations as the result of an investigation into the Regulation of Australian Agriculture. The most pressing reform changes involved the streamlining of animal welfare standards via a national agency formed by the states and federal government.
An alpaca farmer has signed on to a trail initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries, to educate city dwellers on the realities of the rural lifestyle called Visit My Farm. ​Daniela Riccio returned from 15 years living overseas to start a new life in the village of Laguna, in the Hunter Valley. Originally from Sydney they started developing the 20 acre property into an alpaca, garlic and lavender farm and in four-and-a-half years have developed a lifestyle they are keen to share with city dwellers.
The Latest report from UBS' Australian economics team see farm production rise in Q4 by 8% in December, a massive 24% higher that the same time last year. This highlights the need for greater acknowledgement of the role Agriculture plays in the greater economy. The traditional focus on Homes and Holes driving GDP via the housing and mining sectors overlooks the other contributing industries.
After decades building and running any business the thought of passing the business on can be daunting. This is especially true of Farm Businesses according to Rabobank succession planning facilitator Rosemary Bartle. "People often ask, 'why so much of an issue in agriculture and not other businesses?' "I think it's because there is so much tied up between family and business and where we live, and [farms are] often very large assets."
A man in his 70s was found trapped under a quad bike on a property near Orange on Thursday afternoon. The fatality is the fifth quad bike death in NSW this year. Geoff McKechnie the Assistant Police Commissioner issued a plea for increased caution when riding quad bikes. He said while they served as a good vehicle for farmers, some people did not understand the machines limits.
In 2016 the Agriculture industry provided the second largest export contribution to the Australian economy ​behind iron ore, but is not receiving the recognition due to it from the government according to National Farmers' Federation (NFF) president Fiona Simson.
Locally grown nuts have featured strongly in a record rise in exports across a range of Australian agricultural produce. In particular macadamias and almonds have fared well in overseas markets along with the traditional performers such as lamb, wool, cotton and beef.
Eleven young innovators across Australia’s primary industries, were awarded a share in grant funding to assist them in the continuation of their cutting edge work.
​The Australian Injury Prevention Network has ramped up calls for children to be banned from using Quad bikes after the death of a 6 year old girl in NSW. They went on to say that children lacked the “physical and cognitive capacity” to safely handle a quad bike.
​Ten walkers will trek for a week down the East Coast of Tasmania to support and raise awareness for sustainable farming practices.  ​ ​The Trek for Aussie Farmers is also a tasting tour of local produce and will take in some of Tasmania's most stunning countryside.
AGRICULTURE enrollments have surged by up to 20 per cent at universities across Australia. Campuses are pointing to the diversity of job opportunities on offer for the increased interest in the sector.
Australian agriculture is shaping up for a good year according to the head of Rabobank. But strong business management skills are needed if farmers are to capitalise on the opportunities.
The Health Minister Greg Hunt announced medical marijuana could be easier to import to Australia by streamlining the process until local suppliers are able to meet demand. The Victoria Government has already harvested its first crop and approved it's trial in a treatment for epilepsy.
A tiny plastic farmer wearing a wide-brimmed hat is becoming quite a celebrity as he raises the awareness of Australian agriculture in schools and via social media.
The investment announcement was made during an interview with the ABC. Nick Dowling the CEO of Australian Operations for New Hope; China's largest privately owned agribusiness said they were looking for new investments in Premium Australian food operations from lamb to aquaculture.
New figures claim confusion around the backpacker tax has led to a reduction in working holiday applications.
Future Leaders is a professional and personal development program that creates a network of confident, committed individuals who will “be next” and contribute to the future success of the Australian wine community.
SproutX is a joint initiative between financial services group Findex and the National Farmers’ Federation. It seeks to be Australia’s first co-working space dedicated to agtech start-ups. Along with the launch SproutX announced Michael Dean, co-founder of global agtech platform Agfunder, had joined its board to provide mentor-ship to Australia’s newest agtech start-ups.
​A new report has sized up 2017 as a good year for Australian Agriculture but warns that storm clouds may be on more distant horizons. ​ ​Rabobank’s Agribusiness Outlook detailed some of the more positive factors for the year ahead, including global economic growth, a rise in farm gate prices for crops and livestock and high dam levels. ​​
22 Young students receive scholarships for agricultural courses in Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges this year.
BARNABY Joyce will attend the G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting in Berlin, Germany this week to chair ministerial session on water access at the ninth Berlin Agricultural Ministers Conference and partake in the Global Forum on Food and Agriculture.
Applications for the Horizon Scholarship are now open to first-year university students studying agriculture-related degrees. The Horizon Scholarship, an initiative of the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) in partnership with industry sponsors, provides $5,000 per year for the duration of a student’s university degree. Applications close on Friday, 24 February 2017.
Check out the 3 promotional videos highlighting the new People in Agriculture website online now on YouTube
Today five organisations delivering agricultural research and development will give agriculture the edge, unveiled the go-to website for guidance and inspiration on employment in Australian Agriculture. People in Agriculture (www.peopleinag.com.au) was launched by the Agriculture and Water Resources Minister, The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, in Armidale.
As we come into peak backpacker season the government has finally passed legislation on new income tax rates that come into effect on the 1st of Jan 2017.
This month saw Professor Emeritus Alan Bell start in the role as chair of a new expert panel reviewing research, development and adoption (RD&A) project proposals seeking levy-payer funding from MLA. Prof. Bell and the panel provide independent, scientific advice and transparent peer review of the RD&A project proposals which address the priorities identified by red meat and livestock producers.