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How do I create a position description?

A position, or job description (often referred to as a PD) is a statement that explains the requirements of a job. Writing a position description will help identify the skills and traits you want the new employee to have.

Position descriptions should include:

– job title and location
– duties, responsibilities and tasks
– what you need the person to do, who they are in charge of and who they report to
– required skills, qualifications, licenses, certificates, and experience
– other requirements – such as physical demands of the job
– your expectations – such as production targets
– any benefits – such as accommodation, meals, or training
– the type of employment – whether the position is full-time, part-time, or casual

Don’t include anything that isn’t necessary for the job such as gender, age or family responsibilities. Not only will you be limiting the people who will apply for the job, but it could be discrimination and break the law.