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awards contain a clause that allows for an Individual Flexibility Agreement (IFA).  An IFA enables you... and your employer to vary the award to lay a flat rate of pay for all hours worked. An IFA must be... award. An employer cannot make it a condition of employment that you sign an IFA. For more information... • Inductions and probation periods • Rosters & timesheets • Pay slips • IFAs • Ending your employment

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not be enforceable. Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA)  Some farmers find that the... by both parties and be put into writing. An IFA can only be made after an employee has begun... Agreements, see the IFA section. Creating an Individual Flexibility Agreement is not by any means a... It's important that both you and your workers share the same expectations to ensure a smooth working relationship.

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employee. Individual flexibility arrangements (IFA’s)  can only vary arrangements when work is... enter into an IFA and it cannot be made a condition of employment. The offer to enter into an IFA must... be in writing. You can send an employee a letter of offer for an IFA using the template...

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pay, then you have to pay superannuation on all hours worked. If you have an IFA, you may not have to...

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