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compensate for it. Here are some of Safe Work’s top tips for safety on the farm.  Application of parking... the farm is everyone’s responsibility and communication is a key to keeping the workplace safe and... We all deserve a safe place to live and work.  Preventing injuries in the workplace should be a... We all deserve a safe place to live and work, preventing injuries in the workplace should be a priority for everyone on the farm. It is not just an employer’s responsibility to make sure all workers are safe. You also have a responsibility to perform your job in the safest possible way and to avoid creating any risks or hazards for others on the farm.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ Safety In The Workplace
risks, every farm needs its own risk control solution to get the best safety outcome. Work Safe Victoria... your farm. Work Safe's top 15 farm safety tips Maintenance should be regular and carried out by... Safety We all deserve a safe place to live and work, and preventing injuries... In addition to the obvious reasons for maintaining a safe environment for workers, employees, contractors, family, visitors, and members of the public, there are also legal obligations when looking at health and safety in the workplace.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Providing A Safe Workplace
safe working environment   when employees feel supported in developing skills and knowledge... acknowledge significant milestones of the farm business or personal achievements (e.g. a barbecue or meal... farm. The information gathered from exit interviews can provide a great opportunity for you to review...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Workplace Training And Development ⇒ Creating A Better Workplace
Induction training (or orientation) is designed to help you get the information you need on how the farm... business works. Staff induction often begins with an introduction to the farm’s  policies such as safety,... security, anti-discrimination, etc. Next, you will be shown how things are done on the farm and be given... • Inductions and probation periods • Rosters & timesheets • Pay slips • IFAs • Ending your employment

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ What Will I Need To Know
              WageLine           1300 655 266 South Australia                   SafeWork SA    ... business (such as a farm), you may also qualify even if the business is not generating any income, so long... Covering the different types of leave such as Annual, Personal and Parental leave as well as employee Superannuation and Holiday Pay

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Employee Leave Holidays And Termination ⇒ Employee Leave Entitlements And Public Holidays
in Agriculture | The Grey family Cotton farm, “Garrawilla” Mungindi, Queensland... farm, “Garrawilla” Mungindi, Queensland Despite having no family farming background, Ralph Grey... “Garrawilla” is now a larger farm of 2,170 hectares which primarily grows irrigated cotton along with... Access to Global Markets and Better On-Farm Efficiencies

Your Stories ⇒ The Grey Family Cotton Farm Garrawilla Mungindi Queensland
farm at Yarram, Victoria, he soon missed being outdoors.  At twenty-two years old, Will became a... Farmhand on a dairy in South Gippsland. After eight months he got a job on another farm, which allowed him... keen to start share farming.” Will initially looked at a farm in Northern Victoria that milked 400... When Will Colbert left school he became an apprentice butcher, but with a childhood of working on his parent’s dairy farm at Yarram, Victoria, he soon missed being outdoors.

Your Stories ⇒ Will Colbert Share Farmer Nilma North Victoria
(2IC) of a 360 cow dairy farm in Harvey, Western Australia. Starting... is Second in Charge (2IC) of a 360 cow dairy farm in Harvey, Western Australia. He grew up on a... 250 cow dairy farm in Southland, New Zealand, where he was interested in the machinery side of the... Nick Henderson is Second in Charge (2IC) of a 360 cow dairy farm.

Your Stories ⇒ Nick Henderson Second In Charge Harvey Western Australia
farm and now lease a farm together. Managing your Ag Career... passion for animals and love of the farming lifestyle. They met while working on a dairy farm and now... lease a farm together. “Dairy farming is very rewarding both on a personal and financial level. There... Brodie Chester and Kevin Game have a passion for animals and love of the farming lifestyle.

Your Stories ⇒ Brodie Chester And Kevin Game Lessee Bega New South Wales
Just four years since making his big move, Erwin is running a South Gippsland dairy farm with his new... share-farm on Len McRae’s Wattlebank property near Wonthaggi where they milk 250 cows on 100 hectares.... Stacey, having the opportunity to be on-farm with Erwin makes dairy life more appealing than most careers.... 22 yo Erwin is running a South Gippsland dairy farm with his new wife Stacey.

Your Stories ⇒ Dutch Courage Pays Off
works alongside a team of 12 employees and learns from dairy consultants who visit the farm to offer... to everyone. For me, I see success when we set goals and achieve them. It’s great to see the farm... different day-to-day and seasonally – but these variations make the job interesting. Off farm, Nikita is... Queensland farmer, Nikita Suridge works on a 900 hectare dairy as a Milker

Your Stories ⇒ Nikita Suridge Milker
employer will have a strong understanding of the role and type of person they want for their farm, and be... about the work involved, you should consider: which parts of the farm system the employee will be... just need general help around the farm (for example, a casual or part-time farm hand) or do you want to... These days it's almost impossible to do all the work on our farms without at least a little help from the outside workforce. Successful farms are run by successful employers, this isn't something that happens by chance. An organised employer will have a strong understanding of the role and type of person they want for their farm, and be able to communicate their expectations clearly. This gives them a better chance of finding and keeping the right person for the job.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Getting Ready To Employ Someone ⇒ Planning For New Employees On Your Farm
employees, and hours and days of operation, will all contribute to the way a farm is run. However, there is... one common and key element amongst all farms regardless of the above factors. Every farm involves... for a large number of employees in a corporate farm setting, it is vital to the running of your farm... Employees who are happy in the workplace and are provided with relevant training, encouragement, guidance, reward, and possibilities for career development, will be much more likely to work harder, care about doing their job properly and want to help you grow your business.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Workplace Training And Development ⇒ Professional Development And Performance Appraisals
as a whole. Source recognition:  ,  ,... million jobs to the Australian economy.   The growth in the farm sector has increased steadily over the...   As in many industries, owners and operators of farm business are ageing. Many will be looking at... Agriculture plays a huge role in Australia and is a vital part of our economy. It also contributes to our social and environmental sustainability. The meat and livestock industries produce and process meat products for domestic and export markets. Australia is one of the largest exporters of beef, mutton and lamb in the world, a trade that is very valuable to our economy.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Why Work In Agriculture ⇒ Introduction To Agriculture
Australian cotton farmer with a 5000-hectare myBMP-certified property near Narrabri NSW. The farm’s myBMP... subtle flows of water, different types of soils across the paddocks and which parts of the farm produce... the best crops. According to Mike, over-use of pesticides had been the dominant issue on his farm... Cotton has been grown on ‘Cardale’ since the 1960s

Your Stories ⇒ Increased Efficiencies With Access To The Better Cotton Initiative
That’s how they’re tackling the latest milk price challenge and they are determined to “farm our way out... recently but we’ve tried to put the emotion aside and deal with the facts, create a plan and farm our way... efficient for the farm,” Tania said. Another focus has been to increase the amount of home-grown... Award winning Heywood farmers Stephen and Tania

Your Stories ⇒ Awards Winners Are In For The Long Run
of the farm and the details of its operation.  Overall, employees perform better and are more... terms and conditions of employment – position description and employment contract farm policies and... OH&S procedures farm tour and general information  introductions to farm staff (explaining... Ensure that the successful candidate signs the letter of offer and a written contract before commencing work.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Selecting An Applicant And Making An Offer
Description  and include:  a brief description of your farm the job title and status  a brief... doesn’t have the same number of on-farm jobs as other sites, but is still relevant for agricultural jobs.... include showing the applicant around the farm. Allow some time for the tour as candidates will ideally... Advertising your employment opportunities can help you find a suitable person to fill your staffing needs. How you advertise the job will affect who applies for it

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Advertising Positions And Interviewing Applicants
It doesn’t have the same number of on-farm jobs as other sites, but is still relevant for... you or other people on the farm. An employer will appreciate a person who acknowledges their... the farm business and the industry By knowing about the industry or farm, you will show the... There are a number of web sites that advertise for either industry specific roles or general employment in the agriculture industry. Researching and searching online is a great first point of call, especially if you are looking to move into a new location or industry to get a sense of what employment opportunities are available.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Getting Employed ⇒ Finding Work
time spent in on-farm training and meetings. Training may be on or off farm. It can be practical,... future goals. For example, Ben is a full time Farm Assistant in his first year of work. His annual pay,... Like professional development, education and training opportunities come in many different forms. These range from one-on-one training, to short courses, to Degrees, Diplomas and Certificate courses.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Managing Your Ag Career ⇒ Goals And Direction
drought in the ‘90s, and that prompted us to think hard about what we wanted the farm to be, how we wanted... demonstrated the benefits of understanding the basic drivers of profitability on farm. “The Doyles have... point, they cropped 50% of the farm and grazed the balance, but in future, they only intend to crop 20%.... No regrets about swapping breeding for cattle trading

Your Stories ⇒ Trading In The Cows And The Crop
whether I do extra off-farm work or not, those contacts will help me through my career no matter what... industry placements, with his first experience in January 2014 taking him to a cotton farm in southern... CRDC supported Horizon Scholar, Paul Sanderson

Your Stories ⇒ Horizon Scholar Encourages Other Students To Apply
farm will be on duty. Rosters are typically used to organise time off and to delegate tasks. A roster... number of factors when planning a roster: How many hours is each person on the farm required to work... suit the employees and the family members working of the farm...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Pay Rates Awards And Payroll ⇒ Managing Farm Payroll
and green image.”   Growing up in Northern Victoria, Ashlee milked on her parent’s dairy farm... farm, I got bitten by the dairy bug without even knowing it. I love dairy and that’s where my passion... Ashlee Hammond is passionate about shining a light on agriculture.

Your Stories ⇒ Ashlee S Shining A Light On Agriculture
making). Sometimes that person’s employment status on the farm, as an employer or an independent... to help with those busy times on your farm. However, it is important to remember that there are... farm, one of the three awards will cover all your employees (except some Managers) .  They also...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Legal Requirements
being armed with the knowledge and tools to further grow on farm productivity in a sustainable way. “We... Caitlyn Daffey has been awarded a Horizon Scholarship

Your Stories ⇒ Mla Invests In The Next Generation Of Ag Leaders
you using tools, resources and education to improve on-farm outcomes? I completed  Grazing Best... Cattle producer Aleisha Finger, 28 - her role in the beef industry

Your Stories ⇒ The View From My Back Verandah Aleisha Finger

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