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social or team building opportunities. Exit interviews Conducting an exit interview might not be... in a survey or questionnaire if you feel too uncomfortable conducting an exit interview. When... key techniques that may improve the lines of communication on your farm. Questioning people in a...

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interview and which applicants can be ruled out immediately. This process is known as short listing. You... should and shouldn’t do: DO: do arrange an interview to get to know the applicant and find out a... relevant to the job) do talk to their referees, (after the interview) making sure you ask specific... Advertising your employment opportunities can help you find a suitable person to fill your staffing needs. How you advertise the job will affect who applies for it

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number of ways you can prepare for a job interview and some of these are listed below. Research... questions and refer to them in the interview as you can often be nervous and forget what you wanted to ask.... Quite often the interview will include a farm tour so keep this in mind when you are thinking about your... There are a number of web sites that advertise for either industry specific roles or general employment in the agriculture industry. Researching and searching online is a great first point of call, especially if you are looking to move into a new location or industry to get a sense of what employment opportunities are available.

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interview if employees take more than one day off during the notice period. Also, if employees are... have a support person present at any discipline interview. You must provide the employee with a... warning template - Word Doc Discipline interview letter -Word Doc Summary or immediate...

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ask candidates to attend a second interview (either by phone or in person), or an informal meeting if... Remember, it’s important that you do not make an offer of employment during the interview process. Step 1... Ensure that the successful candidate signs the letter of offer and a written contract before commencing work.

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leaving. Employers may ask you to take part in an exit interview. This allows the employer to find out why... • Inductions and probation periods • Rosters & timesheets • Pay slips • IFAs • Ending your employment

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