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in Agriculture | Leave and Public Holidays... Leave and Public Holidays Introduction Breaking down information in the... and territories.  TOP Annual leave How much annual leave do I have to pay? All... Covering the different types of leave such as Annual, Personal and Parental leave as well as employee Superannuation and Holiday Pay

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Employee Leave Holidays And Termination ⇒ Employee Leave Entitlements And Public Holidays
paperwork, such as completing an employee details form rosters, time sheets, and applying for  Leave... including   Leave   or notice of Termination . Full and part-time employees who don’t pass their... probation are entitled to at least one weeks’ notice of termination and accrued annual leave paid out.... Ensure that the successful candidate signs the letter of offer and a written contract before commencing work.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Selecting An Applicant And Making An Offer
Accrued  Annual Leave Annual Leave Loading Long Service Leave Payment in lieu of... with medical certificates if not on paid sick leave); maternity leave or other parental leave... leave per week of the notice period to look for work. Employers can ask for proof of attendance at a job...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Employee Leave Holidays And Termination ⇒ Terminating Employment
number of different forms of leave such as annual leave, personal/carers leave, long-service, and... parental leave. They are also entitled to notice of termination. Part-time employees are employed... employee, they are only entitled to half as many annual leave days. If public holidays fall on days usually...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Legal Requirements
for meal breaks? Have you made allowances for employees taking leave? Do start and finish times... , a copy of the agreement. leave taken and any Leave Application  forms leave balance ... of all the information you must include on employee payslips.  It’s good to show leave balances on...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Pay Rates Awards And Payroll ⇒ Managing Farm Payroll
leave a workplace is due to the wages and salary packages offered. While this may be true for some... the most comfortable thing to do but it can help you understand why a person has chosen to leave your... people leave your employment they may ask you to provide them with: a simple statement of employment...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Workplace Training And Development ⇒ Creating A Better Workplace
apprentice you receive the same entitlements as other employees such as annual leave, sick leave, public... because you could be entitled to paid leave for training or other training related entitlements.  ... Each industry will have its own requirements regarding the qualifications, tickets or certificates you need to gain employment.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Why Work In Agriculture ⇒ Starting Your Ag Career
good work-life balance:  Use your annual leave. All permanent employees are entitled to at least... four weeks’ annual holiday leave after a year’s employment. If possible, try to take at least two weeks... Work life balance is the important balance between work and play. Too much work can make you tired, stressed and bored. Too little work can mean you lose focus, enthusiasm and money. The aim is to get enough work to keep you interested and enough leisure time to have fun.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Managing Your Ag Career ⇒ Work Life Balance
employees, how much leave or overtime employees are entitled to, notice periods, employee and employer... an important concept because it is used to calculate leave entitlements, overtime, and termination... entitlements as other employees such as annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, and breaks. However there...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Pay Rates Awards And Payroll ⇒ Award Rates Work Agreements And Pay Entitlements
leave allowances and overtime rates. You need to know which award you are employed under and your level... classification or level any entitlements and your rate of pay Other things such as leave and overtime may... As an employee, you should be given a classification which accurately reflects your skills, experience and the work to be performed. Depending on your industry you are working in, the classification will be based on either the Pastoral Award 2010, Horticulture Award 2010, or the Cotton Ginning Award 2010.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Getting Employed ⇒ How Much Should I Get Paid
interview as it excludes other candidates. Also, verbal offers of employment often leave out a number of... Advertising your employment opportunities can help you find a suitable person to fill your staffing needs. How you advertise the job will affect who applies for it

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Advertising Positions And Interviewing Applicants
sure it is fully charged before you leave and check in. Have an in-house arrangement with the owner or... We all deserve a safe place to live and work, preventing injuries in the workplace should be a priority for everyone on the farm. It is not just an employer’s responsibility to make sure all workers are safe. You also have a responsibility to perform your job in the safest possible way and to avoid creating any risks or hazards for others on the farm.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ Safety In The Workplace
loading, leave entitlements, and notice period for termination of employment. Refer to the Awards... It's important that both you and your workers share the same expectations to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Getting Ready To Employ Someone ⇒ Documents You Will Need To Employ Someone
there is an issue at work, try speaking to your employer before deciding to leave your job. It may be... • Inductions and probation periods • Rosters & timesheets • Pay slips • IFAs • Ending your employment

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ What Will I Need To Know
should be positive, people should leave an appraisal feeling motivated and supported 4. Jointly... events on farm, public and school holidays, and leave arrangements of other workers. When pulling... Employees who are happy in the workplace and are provided with relevant training, encouragement, guidance, reward, and possibilities for career development, will be much more likely to work harder, care about doing their job properly and want to help you grow your business.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Workplace Training And Development ⇒ Professional Development And Performance Appraisals
sure it is fully charged before you leave and check in. Have an in-house arrangement with the owner or... Workplace Policies & Procedures - general information about policies such as leave, codes of conduct, dress... In addition to the obvious reasons for maintaining a safe environment for workers, employees, contractors, family, visitors, and members of the public, there are also legal obligations when looking at health and safety in the workplace.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Providing A Safe Workplace

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