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the law requires of you. This section provides resources to help you understand your rights and... Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission RESOURCES AND REFERENCES... industrial relations laws and Awards . (See resources below for more information.) An employee...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Legal Requirements
leave by agreement with the employer. See the Resources section below for Cashing Out Annual Leave... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES The Fair Work Ombudsman leave entitlement calculator P.A.C.T NES and... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Leave calculating tool – Fair Work Ombudsman  - Website Employment Long... Covering the different types of leave such as Annual, Personal and Parental leave as well as employee Superannuation and Holiday Pay

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Employee Leave Holidays And Termination ⇒ Employee Leave Entitlements And Public Holidays
employment.  RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Sample Offer of Employment letter... specific job tasks a copy of the farms Code of Conduct RESOURCES... adviser or state farming organisation. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES... Ensure that the successful candidate signs the letter of offer and a written contract before commencing work.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Selecting An Applicant And Making An Offer
94.  RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Overseas Workers taxation - Word... work in Australia.  RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Download  Backpacker...

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Visas And Contracts ⇒ Coming From Overseas
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES The Small Business Fair Dismissal Code - PDF Fair Work Ombudsman fact... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Fair Work Ombudsman fact sheet Ending Employment   - PDF Fair Work... Commission – resources for unfair dismissal - Website Advice of employee warning  - Word Doc WA...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Employee Leave Holidays And Termination ⇒ Terminating Employment
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Job Analysis and Template  - Word Doc TOP... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES What is an apprenticeship or traineeship? - Word Doc Contractor or... recruitment process. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Readiness checklist – Word... These days it's almost impossible to do all the work on our farms without at least a little help from the outside workforce. Successful farms are run by successful employers, this isn't something that happens by chance. An organised employer will have a strong understanding of the role and type of person they want for their farm, and be able to communicate their expectations clearly. This gives them a better chance of finding and keeping the right person for the job.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Getting Ready To Employ Someone ⇒ Planning For New Employees On Your Farm
Resources and References Information about meal breaks or rest breaks  - Web page Introduction to the... overtime.  RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Employee details form – Word Doc...  you use on the farm may be included. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Pay Rates Awards And Payroll ⇒ Managing Farm Payroll
record actions you take or plan RESOURCES AND REFERENCES... state. (see below) REFERENCES AND RESOURCES Farm safety assessment... overnight. You should contact the relevant authorities in the Resources and References section below.... In addition to the obvious reasons for maintaining a safe environment for workers, employees, contractors, family, visitors, and members of the public, there are also legal obligations when looking at health and safety in the workplace.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Rights And Responsibilities As An Employer ⇒ Providing A Safe Workplace
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES If you would like to read more about Agriculture in Australia, you can visit... the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources site TOP... Agriculture plays a huge role in Australia and is a vital part of our economy. It also contributes to our social and environmental sustainability. The meat and livestock industries produce and process meat products for domestic and export markets. Australia is one of the largest exporters of beef, mutton and lamb in the world, a trade that is very valuable to our economy.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Why Work In Agriculture ⇒ Introduction To Agriculture
family business removes our reliance on employed labour – we share resources across the three properties,... you using tools, resources and education to improve on-farm outcomes? I completed  Grazing Best... Cattle producer Aleisha Finger, 28 - her role in the beef industry

Your Stories ⇒ The View From My Back Verandah Aleisha Finger
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Sample Job Advertisement  - Word Doc JobActive  is an Australian... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Guide to Discriminatory Questions - Word Doc Sample Interview Questions –... Advertising your employment opportunities can help you find a suitable person to fill your staffing needs. How you advertise the job will affect who applies for it

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Finding And Hiring Employees ⇒ Advertising Positions And Interviewing Applicants
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES P.A.C.T is the Fair Work Ombudsman’s pay and conditions tool. The... for your own records.  RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Sample contract... As an employee, you should be given a classification which accurately reflects your skills, experience and the work to be performed. Depending on your industry you are working in, the classification will be based on either the Pastoral Award 2010, Horticulture Award 2010, or the Cotton Ginning Award 2010.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Getting Employed ⇒ How Much Should I Get Paid
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Sample Injury and Incident Register – Word Doc Hazard / Near Miss... free from hazards. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES State and... We all deserve a safe place to live and work, preventing injuries in the workplace should be a priority for everyone on the farm. It is not just an employer’s responsibility to make sure all workers are safe. You also have a responsibility to perform your job in the safest possible way and to avoid creating any risks or hazards for others on the farm.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ Safety In The Workplace
especially when doing so for the first time! RESOURCES AND REFERENCES... the ABN of the employer. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Employee... It's important that both you and your workers share the same expectations to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Getting Ready To Employ Someone ⇒ Documents You Will Need To Employ Someone
There are also a number of sites with really good resources to help manage your finances, one of the... Like professional development, education and training opportunities come in many different forms. These range from one-on-one training, to short courses, to Degrees, Diplomas and Certificate courses.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Managing Your Ag Career ⇒ Goals And Direction
want to proceed. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Induction checklist -... more information. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Sample work roster... • Inductions and probation periods • Rosters & timesheets • Pay slips • IFAs • Ending your employment

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ What To Expect In The Workplace ⇒ What Will I Need To Know
resources section also has full pay summary PDFs for each award that you can download.... relevant award. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES   All awards via... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Federal employment contract  - Word Doc P.A.C.T Pay and Conditions...

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Pay Rates Awards And Payroll ⇒ Award Rates Work Agreements And Pay Entitlements
effective. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES The  performance appraisal sheet... efficient, more productive, and safer workplace for everyone. RESOURCES AND... perspectives. RESOURCES AND REFERENCES You can use  Mentor Link  to... Employees who are happy in the workplace and are provided with relevant training, encouragement, guidance, reward, and possibilities for career development, will be much more likely to work harder, care about doing their job properly and want to help you grow your business.

Farming ⇒ Employers ⇒ Workplace Training And Development ⇒ Professional Development And Performance Appraisals
environment. “We didn’t understand the true value or vulnerability of our resources back then and this... Access to Global Markets and Better On-Farm Efficiencies

Your Stories ⇒ The Grey Family Cotton Farm Garrawilla Mungindi Queensland
RESOURCES AND REFERENCES You can find more interview tips from the Agricultural Recruitment... There are a number of web sites that advertise for either industry specific roles or general employment in the agriculture industry. Researching and searching online is a great first point of call, especially if you are looking to move into a new location or industry to get a sense of what employment opportunities are available.

Farming ⇒ Employees ⇒ Getting Employed ⇒ Finding Work

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