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Work Life Balance

What is work life balance?

Work life balance is the important balance between work and play. Too much work can make you tired, stressed and bored. Too little work can mean you lose focus, enthusiasm and money. The aim is to get enough work to keep you interested and enough leisure time to have fun.

There are some key tricks to achieving good work-life balance:

  • Use your annual leave. All permanent employees are entitled to at least four weeks’ annual holiday leave after a year’s employment. If possible, try to take at least two weeks per year off as a block. Talk to your employer in advance so they are aware of your plans.
  • Mix with people other than your workmates. Rural support networks can include young farmer activities, sports groups and teams and community groups. It’s important that that you take time away from the workplace so you can disconnect from work and really enjoy your time off.
  • Have work goals and personal goals and spend time on both. It’s great if you want to pursue a career in your industry and it’s also a good idea to have a balance in your goals. You should try to spend time following personal goals such as fitness, creativity, sports, languages or travel.